Ms. Plunkett’s experiences are evidence that change and learning occur at the school level.  Her journey, sprinkled with her English major’s analogies and elder’s wisdom, illustrates the incomparable responsibility of the school principal.  She describes in-the-moment decisions and intentional actions of principled leadership.  Her “walk the walk” stories pique the most seasoned educators’ “how?” and “why?” curiosity of each situation. Her anecdotes exemplify leadership where decisions are genuinely made in the best interest of students, not convenience or placating adults.  If you ever attended school or served as an educator, you will experience Ms. Plunkett’s principal’s presence and stories of timeless relevance.

Jere Hochman, Ed.D
Former Superintendent
Parkway School District

The eye-popping tales of a high school principal make Lessons That Endure captivating to read. Ms. Plunkett deftly weaves the thinking of distinguished educators into the narrative for insight and reflection and punctuates her message with quotes from a varied and entertaining ensemble of writers, statesmen, and musicians. From Thomas Sergiovanni to Jimmy Buffett, the wisdom of their words add clarity to the moment. Funny, tender, and even shocking, her stories are true, which means they can be as heartbreaking as they are inspiring. This is a book for every administrator, teacher, and parent, for that matter, to read.

Nan R. Johnson

The Open Road by M.M. Holaday

The authentic storytelling in this book is infused with compelling wisdom and purpose. It truly inspires leading with empathy and guiding a school leader's work through the lens of what is best for students. This easy read will move you to not only think differently, but motivate you to move forward in an insightful and thoughtful way.

Whether you work in or with a school, have kids in school, or went to school, you will not only enjoy Lessons That Endure but appreciate the gentle reminders to lead as you want to be led!

Douglas P. Thaman, Ed.D
Executive Director
Missouri Charter Public School Association

Lessons That Endure is a must read for all school leaders!  While the specific situations might vary by school or age of students, the lessons truly are ones that endure and are meaningful for leaders of any school community. I was incredibly fortunate to serve as an assistant principal where Beth was the principal.  She inspired us all daily and taught me what it means to be a servant leader.  Every school leader will benefit from reading about her thoughtful approach to creating a caring school community, where caring about others is modeled by the leader every day and in every situation she faces.

Jenny Marquart, Ed.D
Retired Principal

Parkway North High School